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    Telling stories with a wearable video camera

    Forget carrying your video camera. Wear it instead. Digital camera phones forever changed still photography. The same may hold true for a portable, wearable video camera. The idea is a brainchild of Ben Bodley and Sam Lee. The two developers are raising money to develop the MeMini. Mashable reports that they had already raised $50,000 through Kickstarter. The prototype boasts […]

  • Storytellers: Find a protagonist

    Storytellers: Find a protagonist

    Good storytelling requires a protagonist. Building a story around a central figure will make the story more interesting. Protagonists aid narration and improve storytelling. We see the story as one person’s plight or struggle. We follow their successes and their failures. Take the case of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post for $250 million. There are many ways to […]

  • In the Adirondacks, independent businesses like the Palace Theater in Lake Placid are trying to fund the costly, mandatory switch to digital technology.  Credit: New York Times

    Conflict Aids Storytelling

    Good storytellers use conflict to narrate a story. Take the case of the Lake Placid, NY.  movie house fighting for its survival. The 87-year-old Palace must spend about $65,000 to alter each of the theater’s four screens to accommodate new digital projection equipment. Absent the money, the playhouse will close. The conflict about this small theater’s possible closure adds an element […]

  • Storyteller Jay O'Callahan tells a story on the sidewalk outside the courthouse in Jonesborough, Tenn.

    Old Style Storytelling, No Digital Cameras

    Storytelling once relied on oration. No digital cameras. No high-tech audio. And no Internet. Just great old-school storytelling. Hard to believe, but true. Good stories relied on great narrative and good character development. These concepts are often lost in modern day glitz. Oral storytelling has a storied (no pun intended) past, spanning back to 9th Century.Travelling storytellers journeyed from land […]

  • Hackers Records Tell a Story

    Hackers Records Tell a Story

    Hackers have a digital story to tell in Chicago. The digital story? Dear citizen, we are hacking your public records. Well, not for credit card numbers or government secrets. Instead, this effort is something you might like. It is for the public good. Hackers, doing something good? Well, yes. Chicago, that city by the lake known more for its political […]

  • What Makes a YouTube Star

    What Makes a YouTube Star

    She is loud. She is fouled mouthed. She is popular. Just how popular? Jenna Marbles is a wild sensation with young teenage girls.  Her real name is Jenna Mourey. She has more Facebook fans than Jennifer Lawrence, more Twitter followers and Fox News and more Instagram friends than Oprah, reports The New York Times. Marble  is a digital storyteller who produces videos featuring […]

  • Good News Goes Viral

    Good News Goes Viral

    What makes online content go viral? Good news. This idea about message being positively focused runs counter to how most digital journalists operate: If it bleeds, it leads. But this is the conclusion reached by two University of Pennsylvania researchers in an article published in the Journal of Marketing Research. “While common wisdom suggests that people tend to pass along negative […]

  • Flipboard breaths new life into magazines.

    Flipboard save newspapers?

    Can Flipboard save traditional print magazines and newspapers from extinction? The tablet application is reviving a genre Wall Street left for dead. It is true. The print publishing industry is a mess. Failed newspapers. Shuttered magazines. Shrinking book publishers. Tens of thousands of journalists have lost their jobs. With all those job losses, the quality of news content has declined. […]

  • Social media privacy at work?

    Social media privacy at work?

    Is there social media privacy at work? It is a controversial question. State lawmakers are tightening laws to prohibit companies from monitoring private social media accounts used by employees while at work. But federal regulators say there are good reasons for snooping. In the investment world, companies are worried about proprietary information being disseminated to investors and speculators. The Wall […]