Journalism — February 7, 2013 at 12:24 am

Deadline Night at The DePauw



Deadline Nights at The DePauw. It’s the kind of scene that would make Wall Street Journal Editor and DePauw alum Barney Kilgore proud. These late nights excursions are hardly leisure. The nights have a certain intensity broken by moments of jocularity followed by riotous laughter. It’s all what you would expect – a high energy fever pitch is common in most newsrooms. The DePauw is fueled by youthful ambition, intellectual brain power and more than its share of Red Bull. Receiving little or no pay and foregoing a night’s sleep, students work late into the morning before heading off to classes the next day. Multimedia journalist Jaclyn Anglis produced this project for C291 Multimedia Storytelling taught by Professor Mark Tatge. Anglis does an excellent job of taking us inside the printed twice-weekly newspaper and how this ink-stained tabloid is produced, a tradition that has persisted for more than 150 years and defies the competition posed by Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


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