Video — January 20, 2014 at 11:59 pm

Telling stories with a wearable video camera


Forget carrying your video camera. Wear it instead.

Digital camera phones forever changed still photography. The same may hold true for a portable, wearable video camera.

The idea is a brainchild of Ben Bodley and Sam Lee. The two developers are raising money to develop the MeMini. Mashable reports that they had already raised $50,000 through Kickstarter.

The prototype boasts being the first camera that is wearable, allowing the user to capture and save moments as they happen.

What makes this video camera different? Its size and ability to easily capture and save video. The footage is saved to the camera’s memory. Users press a recall button to transfer a file to cloud-based storage via Wi-Fi or the clips can be stored in the camera’s memory.

The camera uses magnetic backplates that make it attachable to your clothing. It also boasts three hours of use on a single battery charge.

The developers claim the camera will give users greater control, meaning the operator can avoid organizing and editing hours of clips.

My sense is that this will cater to the Instagram crowd. Quick shots that are briskly uploaded and sent to friends.

I doubt this devices will eliminate the video editor or the more sophisticated video camera. Why?

First takes of video are seldom works of art. Good video always needs editing and refinement. Stories rarely unfold in a linear fashion that can be stopped and then started again. Good storytelling requires a map. Good editors provide that map. They improve the storytelling by fashioning the raw footage into something people will want to watch.

Still, the idea that someone can wear a camera and record images quickly is likely to change the way we create and distribute video. The camera is lightweight and portable and makes it easy to transfer files. This sort of devices could be the start of an entirely new way to capture and tell stories.

What is the next step? The ability to capture and send real time streaming video. Stay tuned.

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