Journalism, Storytelling — November 8, 2014 at 11:24 pm

Integrated Storytelling


New York Times editor Aron Pilhofer reveals his best tips for telling compelling stories in a digital age offering examples of how the New York Times tells stories using digital media tools. Philhofer explains how storytelling online is still not a settled discipline. It is evolving, which makes it an exciting discipline. Newsrooms all over the world are constantly experimenting with new ways to tell their stories. But what is efficient story telling? What works? Pilhofer shows how it can be done. Note Philhofer’s discussion of how the video is integrated with the text rather than presented as a separate element. The Web and digital are something that are live. Web storytelling is something that should be done now, not tomorrow, Pilhofer explains. “Storytelling is inherently social.”

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