The DePauw

The DePauw – Indiana's oldest college newspaper from Mark Tatge on Vimeo.

The DePauw is one of the most distinguished student organizations on DePauw University’s campus.

Founded as Asbury Notes in 1852, it sits apart as Indiana’s oldest college paper and the only campus organization that doesn’t receive university funding. With alums working for such places as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and throughout the media. The DePauw is anchored in a long-standing relationship with The Dow Jones Newspaper Fund. Since its founding, student journalists have continued this rich history by producing passionate voluntary journalism under the guidance and assistance of the English department’s advising, without censorship. It’s entirely written, edited, designed, photographed, and now uploaded onto the Internet by DePauw students.

Beginning with the back-to-school issue in late August and concluding the week before finals, The DePauw comes out twice a week each semester.

Thanks to the generosity of relatives of Barney Kilgore, a former editor at The DePauw, and later the editor who helped revolutionize The Wall Street Journal, students have benefitted for decades from working journalists who have come into the newsroom each semester to advise students and teach them about recent trends in the newspaper industry. Students receive stipends in summer to work at newspaper internships with the expectation they will return and bring that expertise back to The DePauw.

We do our best to reflect life on DePauw’s campus from a student point of view and welcomes all students to participate in our rich history. Students interested in working for The DePauw are free come and sit in on storyboard meetings at 4 p.m. on Sundays and Wednesdays. For more information contact the editor-in-chief at


Video by Alex Sroka. Slideshow produced by Jacylyn Anglis.